Performance evaluation, environmental monitoring, adjustments and monitoring

Assessing the effectiveness of the organization and progress in its activities is one of the main tasks. It is necessary to constantly monitor the internal and external environment of the company. Low efficiency, insufficient progress, important new circumstances require changes in the long-term course of the company’s development, goals, business model and / or strategy. Also, a periodic, comprehensive, consistent check of the activities implemented by the competitive strategy of companies should be carried out.

If the implementation of the strategy does not proceed as planned, then you should refer to such standard methods as revising the budget, reorganizing certain activities and labor processes, rearranging personnel, developing new opportunities, changing the corporate culture and remuneration system. Effective implementation of the strategy is always the product of large-scale organizational training, which usually occurs unevenly in different parts of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor the progress in the activities of the organization, look for new ways of development and adjust actions.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the strategy is formed under the influence of the external and internal environment of the company. The main factors of the external environment are divided into economic, social, political and legal; competitive conditions and the overall attractiveness of the industry; market opportunities and threats. The main internal factors include the strengths and weaknesses of the company, competencies and competitive capabilities; personal ambitions, philosophical and ethical views of managers, culture and value system of the corporation. Their impact on the strategy created depends on the situation, so even within the same industry, the strategies of competing companies are different. Ideally, the strategy should fully meet all these conditions.

In addition, three criteria are used to evaluate and determine the benefits of the strategy:

Compliance with the environment. A good strategy should be consistent with industry and competition conditions, market opportunities and threats, and other aspects of the external environment. At the same time, the strategy should take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the company, its competence, competitive capabilities. A strategy that does not correspond to the internal and external environment of the company will not lead to the achievement of the desired results; Competitive advantage. A good strategy provides a stable competitive advantage. The stronger the competitive advantage provided by the strategy, the greater its effectiveness and impact; Efficiency. A good strategy greatly increases the efficiency of the company. Best of all, the correctness of the choice of strategy is confirmed by the improvement of two indicators – profitability and the strengthening of the competitive and market position of the company [15 pp.92-93].