Conditions of work of intermediaries in the markets

Sellers (exporters) and intermediaries in specific markets have different combinations of rights and obligations in relation to each other. The following rights may be granted to intermediaries: 1. Non-exclusive (not exclusive, non-exclusive) right of sale. In this case, the agreements of exporters with resellers may give the latter the right to sell a certain range […]

Types of trade and intermediary operations and trade Intermediaries

Depending on the nature of the relationship between producer-exporter, consumer-importer and reseller, the following types of trade and intermediary operations can be distinguished: resale operations; commission operations; agency operations; brokerage operations. Let us consider in more detail these types of operations. Resale operations. Are carried out by the reseller on his own behalf and at […]

Essence, benefits and efficiency trade and intermediary operations

Transactions facilitated by resellers are now becoming increasingly common. From a commercial point of view, resellers include persons who are legally and economically independent of producers and consumers, trading firms, organizations that stand between producers and consumers of goods. In what cases the use of intermediary services is not only justified, but even a necessary […]

Summary of basic terms of delivery according to INCOTERMS-2000

The following are the basic terms of delivery, as interpreted by INCOTERMS-2000. 1. Franko Zavod (… place name). EXW – Ex Works (… named place). This term means that the seller has fulfilled his obligations to deliver the goods when he made them available to the buyer at his place or in another named place […]

Structure of INCOTERMS-2000

In INCOTERMS-2000, the conditions for facilitating understanding are grouped into 4 categories depending on the increase in the obligations of the seller: Group E (EXW), according to which the seller only provides the goods to the buyer in its territory; Group F (FCA, FAS, FOB), according to which the seller is obliged to deliver the […]