Social Benchmarks in a Social Market Economy

Since the economy must always be social, it cannot exist without a person and, in principle, is not needed, meaningless without him. This means, on the one hand, without people, the economy cannot function, the development of the economy depends on the quality of the person (people) himself. On the other hand, a person, the […]

Basic models, essence, principles and functions of social market economy

Although Germany is a textbook example of a country with a social market economy, the history of this type of economic system goes far beyond the German experience. Socio-economic models used in different countries have a pronounced specificity depending on the achieved level of development, historical path and national traditions. Nevertheless, there are several models […]

Origins and essence of a socially-oriented market economy

Questions “Where are we going?” “What are we moving to?” are no longer perceived as painfully as before, since the main answer is known: “to a socially-oriented market economy.” However, in the wake of this answer, new questions arise: Where are the origins of the new economy? Who, where and when put forward such ideas? […]

Features of the transition period in the economy of the Republic of Belarus

In the socio-economic development of the Republic of Belarus, the years 1996-2000 were a turning point in overcoming the deep crisis phenomena occurring in the country as a result of the collapse of the USSR and the liberal economic reforms carried out from 1991 to 1994. Price liberalization in 1992 triggered an acute financial crisis, […]

Functions of the State in the Transition Economy

Any systemic whole, as well as a complex, systemic process, cannot do without regulation or management. The difference lies in the fact that some systems are regulated by internal, as if built-in mechanisms, and therefore are self-regulating (for example, the  human body), while others, not having their own mechanism of self-regulation, or in conditions where […]