Statistics on the efficiency of the functioning of the economy

Efficiency is a socio-economic category. Increased efficiency is expressed in the economy of living and materialized labor, saving that contributes to a better and more complete satisfaction of social and personal needs of economic entities. Efficiency is measured by the ratio of the effect (result) obtained to the resources used or the current costs consumed […]

Statistics on the standard of living and consumption of the population

It is common to define the standard of living, first of all, as a set of products and services that an individual, family, or social group consumes. In a broad sense, the concept of the standard of living includes, in addition to consumption, living conditions, health, education, morality and the use of free time by […]

Population, labour and employment statistics

Population statistics (demographic statistics) studies the patterns of quantitative changes in population. In accordance with this main task, it studies: the size, composition and movement of the population; causes and factors of population change, its migration, birth rate, mortality, life expectancy. It studies the composition of the population on various grounds – sex, age, social […]

National wealth statistics

The most important indicator characterizing the economic power of the country is national wealth. National wealth is a set of material goods accumulated in society as a result of the previous labor of people, and natural resources suitable for use. The composition of national wealth should include the totality of the country’s resources (economic assets), […]

Indicators of income use and accumulation

After the redistribution of income, the process of their use is carried out, which is characterized by indicators of expenditure on final consumption, actual final consumption of goods and services, gross and net savings, gross accumulation and consumption of fixed capital, changes in stocks of values, land and other capital transfers, changes in net worth […]