Theoretical, methodological and practical foundations of regional regulation of foreign economic relations

The development of conceptual foundations for the formation of an integrated system of management of foreign economic relations (including the territorial level), taking into account both the objective need for decentralization and the above-described inconsistency of this process leads to the problem of delimitation of foreign economic powers between the national and regional levels of […]

The need and problems of territorial decentralization of management of the foreign economic sphere

The world economy at the present stage of development is characterized by a wide variety of forms of international cooperation, which is accompanied by the emergence of new subjects of these relations. Among the latter, regions are becoming increasingly noticeable as independent participants in world economic relations. Obviously, this phenomenon requires deep scientific understanding, since […]

Free economic zones as a factor of regional development

In the context of rapid scientific and technological progress and the aggravation of interstate and interregional competition, it is very important to prevent the Republic of Belarus and its regions from lagging behind in the field of advanced technologies, introducing the achievements of science and technology into production, strengthening competitiveness, and improving living standards. Among […]

Local Governance and Self-Government: Status and Conceptual Provisions for Their Improvement

Local management is carried out by various bodies that differ from each other in the order of formation, competence, level of autonomy in solving local problems, the nature of relations with the central government.In this regard, in the system of local authorities it is necessary to distinguish between two types of bodies – appointed from […]

Conceptual foundations for improving the public administration of the regions in the Republic of Belarus

Despite the absence in the Republic of Belarus of pronounced negative processes in the field of interregional relations, which to one degree or another is inherent in both countries with economies in transition to the market and the states of the world economic elite (see lecture No. 2), many Belarusian regional scientists are inclined to […]