Trends in the development of the world monetary system

A characteristic feature of our time is the development of regional economic and monetary integration, primarily in Western Europe. The mechanism of currency integration includes a set of monetary and credit methods of regulation, through which rapprochement and mutual adaptation of national farms and currency systems are carried out. In December 1991, in Maastricht, EU […]

Currency position of banks

Banks perform operations on the purchase and sale of foreign currency both on behalf of customers and at their own expense and on their own behalf. When the bank makes independent transactions for the sale of foreign currency, the ratio of claims and liabilities of the bank in foreign currency is violated. The ratio of […]

Objects of the foreign exchange market (FOREX)

Currency market objects are currency transactions and foreign exchange values. Currency transactions are a type of activity of the state, enterprises, organizations, banking and other financial and credit institutions for the sale, settlement and provision of foreign currency in a loan. Currency transactions are carried out in foreign exchange markets. In accordance with the division […]

Structure of foreign exchange market participants (FOREX)

Four main categories of entities operate in the foreign exchange market: banks and non-bank dealers trading in foreign currency; individuals and firms engaged in commercial and investment operations; arbitration officers and speculators; central banks and treasuries. Banks and non-bank dealers trading in foreign currency “make the market” both in technical and organizational terms. They make […]

Types of currency markets (FOREX)

Depending on the volume, nature of foreign exchange transactions and the set of currencies used, these markets are divided into world, regional, national (local). In the world currency markets (London, Singapore, Paris, Tokyo, etc.), transactions are carried out with currencies that are widely used in international payment circulation, In regional and local foreign exchange markets, […]