Ways to improve the sectoral structure Industry

The changes taking place in the world economy, to a greater or lesser extent, draw the Belarusian economy and, above all, its industry into its orbit.  The world in the last quarter of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries is experiencing a deep technological crisis, which is associated with the extinction of the industrial, the […]


The role of the service sector has recently been increasing in the structure of the economy of Belarus. Employment in it is growing at a fairly high rate and today accounts for more than 1/3 of the total number of employees. The service sector has a strong influence on the location of industry. Cities and […]

Knitting industry

The largest centers are Pinsk, Zhodino, Soligorsk, Vitebsk, Gomel, Minsk. The footwear industry is also developing on local raw materials. The largest enterprises are located in Grodno, Minsk, Lida, Bobruisk. In Vitebsk, there is a joint venture with the German company “Scamander” for the production of shoes. The share of Vitebsk and Grodno regions accounts […]

Social complex (production of goods)consumer consumption and services)

The basis of the social complex (IC) is made up of industries that meet the needs of the population in goods and services. The largest branch of production of consumer goods is light industry. It has about 490 enterprises (almost 20% of all industrial enterprises on an independent balance sheet), which account for over 8.6% […]

Chemical complex

The Republic of Belarus has a powerful chemical complex, which has been created for many years. Since 1965, Belarus has been called the republic of big chemistry. The development of the chemical complex was facilitated by a number of conditions: the presence of rich deposits of potassium salt, oil fields, gas and oil pipelines passing […]