Socio-economic consequences of international labour migration

Migration flows have a significant impact on the national economies of the countries involved in these processes. In immigration countries, the use of foreign labor can mean the provision of labor in a number of industries. For example, in France, emigrants make up 25% of construction workers, in Belgium – 50% of miners. They create […]

International regulation of migration processes

Almost all countries of the world actively influence the processes of export and import of labor. The goal of interstate migration policy is to maximize the positive effects of international migration, minimizing the negative consequences of this phenomenon for both donor and recipient countries. In particular, the regulation of labor imports has two main objectives: […]

Centers for International Labour Migration

Practice shows that the directions of international migration flows are not permanent. In the first third of the twentieth century, more than half of all emigrants flocked to the United States. The remaining part of the migrants was divided approximately equally between the British dominions (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) and the countries of […]

International labour migration: essence, forms, factors

With the increasing internationalization of public life, international migration of the population in general and of labour resources in particular occupies an increasingly important place in the development of society. An international labour market (MRRF) has been formed, which is characterized by a constant increase in the supply and demand of foreign labour. The basis […]

Modern trends in the development of the global financial market

The growth of various financial instruments of the global financial market, which led to the emergence of internal independent sources of financial market development, as well as the stable progressive dynamics of developed market economies (the US federal budget surplus exceeds $ 110 billion), have found expression in recent decades in the rapid growth of […]