Modern concepts, functions and structure of the economic system

So what is an economic system? A system in general means a complex and interconnected set of some elements. And although economists do not argue with this, their ideas about what an economic system is are far from unambiguous. There are several approaches to this problem. One of them is called “technological”. With this approach, […]

Countries of outwardly oriented adaptive development

This subgroup includes countries located both in Latin America and in Asia and Africa. In Latin America, these are: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru; in Asia, Turkey; in Africa – Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia. They are characterized by the export orientation of the industry, which is developing with massive penetration into the industry of foreign companies […]

Consumption, savings, investments in the system of macroeconomic equilibrium

As already noted, consumption and investment are important components of aggregate demand, with savings having a significant impact on investment. Investment is usually understood as the use of savings in order to create new production capacities and capital assets. When determining the content of investments, economic and financial aspects are usually distinguished. The economic content […]

Objects and subjects and currency regulation in the Republic of Belarus

Currency exchange objects in the Republic of Belarus are currency values and foreign exchange transactions. Currency values are: foreign currency; payment documents in foreign currency, which are such in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus; securities in foreign currency; Belarusian rubles when making transactions between residents and non-residents, transactions between non-residents on […]