The subject and method of statistical science. Tasks and organization of statistics in the Republic of Belarus

The word “statistics” comes from the Latin word “status”, which means a certain state, state of affairs. Statistical practice began in ancient times with the population count. The earliest evidence of this is in China and has more than 4 thousand years of history. In ancient Rome, in the qualifications (censuses), in addition to counting […]

The need and problems of territorial decentralization of management of the foreign economic sphere

The world economy at the present stage of development is characterized by a wide variety of forms of international cooperation, which is accompanied by the emergence of new subjects of these relations. Among the latter, regions are becoming increasingly noticeable as independent participants in world economic relations. Obviously, this phenomenon requires deep scientific understanding, since […]

Directions of globalization

In modern conditions, the following main directions are distinguished, in which the process of globalization is developing most intensively: the formation of global monopolies (oligopolies); globalization of the financial sector; regionalization of the economy. The process of the emergence of global monopolies is developing simultaneously in two directions: first, through the formation of a global […]