Foreign trade policy of the state

Countries occupying a different position in the world economy in general and in various commodity markets in particular, pursue a certain foreign trade policy to protect their interests. Foreign trade policy is a purposeful influence of the state on trade relations with other countries. The choice of national foreign economic policy is significantly influenced by […]

The role of international organizations in the regulation of IER

International organizations can be divided into two groups: universal: UN, WTO, OECD; regional, which are created within the framework of integration associations: CES, APEC, etc. A significant role in the interstate regulation of IER is played by the United Nations (UN), which includes 185 countries. Among the UN organizations directly related to economic activities, mention […]

Entry strategies and competition in foreign markets

There are several strategies for a company that has decided to expand its activities beyond the national market and enter into transnational or global competition [15 pp.217-222]. 1. Creation of a production base in one country and export of goods abroad both through its own distribution channels and through channels controlled by foreign companies. A […]