Evaluation of the economic efficiency of the project

Evaluation of effectiveness should be carried out based on the interests of all its participants: a foreign investor, an enterprise and local and republican authorities. According to methodological recommendations, the following types of economic efficiency are distinguished: commercial (financial) efficiency, taking into account the financial results of the project for its direct participants; budget efficiency, […]

Features of investment activity

The investment activity of the enterprise includes the following components: investment strategy; strategic planning; investment design; analysis of projects and the actual effectiveness of investments. Investment strategy is the choice of the way of development of the enterprise for the long term with the available own sources of financing and the possibility of obtaining borrowed […]

Theory of the ratio of factors of production

In their theories of absolute and relative advantage, Smith and Ricardo showed how production can be increased if countries specialize in production that has an advantage. They accept that the functioning of the free market itself will lead producers to goods that they can produce with the greatest efficiency, and  will force them to abandon […]

The essence and main forms of international economic relations

The process of development of the world economy is closely interrelated with the evolution of the development of international economic relations. International economic relations (IER) and the world economy are in a close logical and historical relationship. IEOs are a prerequisite for the formation of the world economy, and in the twentieth century they have […]

Strategy development

A company’s strategy is the methods of competition and doing business that are chosen by the company to satisfy customers, compete successfully, and achieve the organization’s global goals. The strategy is adjusted by adding some parameters and abandoning others in response to changes in the market, consumer needs and preferences, strategic maneuvers of competing companies, […]