Theoretical, methodological and practical foundations of regional regulation of foreign economic relations

The development of conceptual foundations for the formation of an integrated system of management of foreign economic relations (including the territorial level), taking into account both the objective need for decentralization and the above-described inconsistency of this process leads to the problem of delimitation of foreign economic powers between the national and regional levels of […]

Regional economy and regional policy

The economy of the region is understood as the integral system of management that has developed in it, the totality of all its economic and social factors, as well as the relationships between them and similar factors of other regions, which determines the level of development of productive forces and social processes in the region. […]

Essence, benefits and efficiency trade and intermediary operations

Transactions facilitated by resellers are now becoming increasingly common. From a commercial point of view, resellers include persons who are legally and economically independent of producers and consumers, trading firms, organizations that stand between producers and consumers of goods. In what cases the use of intermediary services is not only justified, but even a necessary […]