Forms and systems of remuneration

In the modern understanding, the form and system of remuneration can be defined as organizational and economic mechanisms for correlating the costs and results of labor of an employee with the amount of wages due to him. Forms of remuneration are ways of determining the dependence of the amount of wages of employees on the […]

Calculation of total labor costs, profits, value added and capital

Calculation of total labor costs. However, it would be wrong to limit ourselves to taking into account the costs of an intermediate product (services) for our purposes. There are still many factors that should be taken into account when assessing internal costs in full. Among them: the costs of labor and capital on production, as […]

Structure of the national economy and its types

The word structure (Latin structura) means structure, location, order. The structure of the national economy is a stable quantitative and qualitative relationship between its various components. Since the national economy is a complex organism, several types of structures can be distinguished in it. The reproductive structure of the national economy is determined by the fact […]

The concept of an international contract (contract) and recommendations for its compilation

The implementation of international commercial operations requires a certain legal norm – the conclusion of an agreement between partners of different countries. Foreign trade transactions of two or more parties in the course of their production, economic and trade activities are formalized by a contract (agreement), which is usually made in writing. A contract is […]