Subjects of the economic system

An economic system does not exist outside of human society, so there are many subjects operating in it. The subjects of the economic system are the participants who function in this system, whose needs, interests and goals are realized in it. Since there are many subjects, but certain of them have close or unambiguous functions […]

Modern concepts, functions and structure of the economic system

So what is an economic system? A system in general means a complex and interconnected set of some elements. And although economists do not argue with this, their ideas about what an economic system is are far from unambiguous. There are several approaches to this problem. One of them is called “technological”. With this approach, […]

Simplex method for solving optimization problems of linear programming

The simplex method is a computational procedure based on the principle of sequential improvement of solutions during the transition from one base point (basic solution) to another. This improves the value of the objective function. The basic solution is one of the valid solutions that are at the vertices of the realm of valid values. […]

Enterprise Lifecycle

The laws of dialectics indicate that everything that arises and arises in the future develops, transforms and dies. This also applies to such a category as an enterprise. An enterprise established for an indefinite period can function indefinitely. This period (life cycle) can be divided into certain stages: creation, development, reorganization, restructuring, bankruptcy, reorganization, and […]

Types of checks

Checks can be classified for various reasons. Consider some of them. Most checks are written to a specific recipient person or his order. According to the method of indicating the recipient of funds on the check, the following are distinguished: personal – are written out to a certain person with the reservation “not to order” […]