Proposal: concept, factors, elasticity

An offer is an amount of goods or services offered for sale to markets, or which at a given time and place can be obtained by people who wish to buy them. The volume of supply is influenced by many factors, but one of the main ones is the price. There is a positive or […]

Modern trends in the development of the world monetary system

A characteristic feature of our time is the development of regional economic and monetary integration, primarily in Western Europe. The mechanism of currency integration includes a set of monetary and credit methods of regulation, through which the convergence and mutual adaptation of national economies and monetary systems are carried out. In December 1991, in Maastricht, […]

Stages of development of the world monetary system

Until 1914, the international movement of both long-term and short-term capital could be carried out practically without government control, since exchange relations remained relatively stable, and inflationary processes in the international sphere were restrained. This happened due to the fact that interstate calculations were constantly adjusted by the mechanism of the gold standard. Under the […]