The essence of production and its relationship with needs

At whatever stage of historical development human society would be, people, in order to live, must have food, clothing, housing and other material benefits. The means of subsistence necessary for  man must be produced. Their manufacture is carried out in the production process. That is why production is an objective necessity. So what is manufacturing? […]

Features of economic observations and measurements

For a long time, the main obstacle to the practical application of mathematical modeling in the economy is the filling of the developed models with concrete and qualitative information. The accuracy and completeness of primary information, the real possibilities of its collection and processing largely determine the choice of types of application models. On the […]

National wealth: essence, structure and growth factors

National wealth is one of the most important indicators of the country’s economic development, which represents the monetary expression of the totality of use values accumulated by society throughout its history as of a certain date. For the first time, national wealth was calculated by the English economist W. Petty in 1664, in France it […]