Capital transfers

Unlike the current account, the capital account includes only capital transfers. Capital transfers – transfers involving the transfer of ownership of fixed assets, related to the acquisition or use of fixed assets or providing for the cancellation of debt by the creditor. Capital transfers are divided into public sector transfers and transfers from other sectors. […]

Capital and Financial Transactions Account

The international movement of goods and services recorded in the current account of the balance of payments must be financed in some way. Financing is shown within several groups of balance of payments items, which are sometimes simplified as the balance of capital flows. Capital and financial account balance is a group of balance of […]

Structure and relations of economic sciences

Economic science as a whole is a complex formation that has its own structure. It can be imagined in the form of a large building, where many floors of economic sciences rise on a single powerful foundation. This foundation for all “floors” is economic theory. There are several blocks in this “building”. The closest to […]

Счета использования доходов

Завершающую группу счетов доходов представляют счета использования доходов. Они делятся на два счета: счет использования располагаемого дохода и счет использования скорректированного располагаемого дохода. В первом из этих счетов отражаются расходы на конечное потребление. А также величина сбережений. Однако расходы на потребление и фактическое потребление не одно и тоже. Фактическое потребление в секторах ДХ, ОГУ отличается […]

Exchange rate theories

Exchange rate theories have a number of features that are characteristic of each of them: denial of the theory of labor value, the value of the exchange rate, the commodity nature of money; a men’s concept is an exaggeration of the role of the sphere of circulation when underestimating production factors. The subject is menus […]