France’s trade balance is active, exports exceed imports, but the growth rate of imports exceeds the growth rate of exports. The share of exports in GDP in 2000 was 23.5%. France is the world’s fourth largest exporter and importer of goods. Commodity exports in 2000 amounted to $307 billion. – 5.7  world exports; commodity imports […]

Social complex (production of goods)consumer consumption and services)

The basis of the social complex (IC) is made up of industries that meet the needs of the population in goods and services. The largest branch of production of consumer goods is light industry. It has about 490 enterprises (almost 20% of all industrial enterprises on an independent balance sheet), which account for over 8.6% […]

Problems posed by TNCs in host countries

Serious claims are also being made against TNCs in host countries. The most important of these claims is the dominant role of TNCs in the national economy. For example, even in a country as large as Canada, 60% of the capital in the processing industry is owned or controlled by foreigners. And 40% are American […]

The main types of world prices

World prices are prices at which large export-import operations are carried out, which quite fully characterize the state of international trade in a particular product. World prices change under the influence of market conditions. At the same time, changes in the value proportions of commodity exchange have a significant impact on the development of international […]

Formation of a strategic vision for the future of the company

An idea of the long-term development of the company, selected technologies, products, customers, business development directions is the strategic vision of the company. If the strategic vision determines the future image of the company, then the mission describes the activities of the company at the present time: what goods and services it produces, who its […]