Labor productivity and its impact on the economy of the enterprise

Labor productivity is the effectiveness of useful concrete labor, which characterizes the effectiveness of the expedient production activity of the employees of the enterprise for a certain period of time (hour, day, month, year). Labor productivity is one of the main indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the enterprise. In general, labor productivity is measured […]

Competition in segmented industries

In some industries, there are hundreds and even thousands of small and medium-sized companies, none of which owns a significant market share [44 ch.9]. The main difference between the competitive situation in fragmented industries is the absence of industry leaders with a large market share or a recognizable trademark. Typical segmented industries include the following: […]

Other terms and conditions of the contract

This section contains all those conditions that the parties did not settle in the previous articles of the contract. Typically, these conditions are: the procedure for changing or cancelling the contract. In these conditions, it is usually stipulated that amendments to the contract and its cancellation require the written consent of both parties, issued in […]

Dispute Resolution or Arbitration

This section of the contract establishes the procedure for resolving disputes that may arise between the parties and cannot be resolved through negotiations. Most contracts provide for the settlement of the dispute by arbitration or so-called arbitration. Under arbitrationA (arbitral) court is a court elected by the parties to resolve a dispute between them. Unlike […]

Sources of information about counterparty firms

The main type of information used in the analysis of a particular problem or situation is economic information, which, in turn, is divided into three main types: statistics, accounting and operational information. Statistics gives a general picture of the state and development of the national economy, highlights the course of socio-political processes in the country […]