Regulatory and supervisory system foreign economic activity in the Republic of Belarus

In different countries, there are different priorities in the foreign economic sphere, in general, and in foreign trade, in particular, and this is reflected in the system of state regulation and in the structure of the apparatus of state regulation in this area. As for the Republic of Belarus, since its independence, the formation and […]

Payments in the form of a letter of credit

The letter of credit is in the best interests of the exporter, ensuring that he receives timely export revenue. The use of letters of credit allows satisfying the needs of customers in payments that provide payment. Banks, participating in a letter of credit operation, receive significant profit from commission fees, since the share of participation, […]

Collection form of payment

Incasso is an order from the exporter to his bank to receive from the importer (directly or through another bank) a certain amount of money or confirmation (acceptance) that this amount will be paid on time. Incasso is used in settlements on terms of both cash and commercial credit. In collection operations, banks and their […]