Theory of means

The average value is a generalizing characteristic of a set of similar social phenomena according to one quantitative feature in certain conditions of place and time. When calculating the average generalizing indicators, the typical dimensions of the level of a particular feature common to this system are revealed and thereby the typical features and properties […]

Theory of statistical indicators

In order to measure the size and ratios of phenomena (i.e., to give them an appropriate quantitative characteristic), it is necessary to develop economic and social indicators corresponding to each concept. There are three types of indicators of economic and social development of society: planned; reporting; Evaluation. Planned indicators are certain specific tasks for the […]

Calculation of marginal total costs from real source data

The real calculation will be carried out on the basis of the intersectoral balance for the Republic of Belarus for 1996 in the system of national accounts, Table. 6.11., 6.12., 6.13., 6.14., 6.15. On the basis of the procedure set forth for a conditional example, we calculate the matrices of coefficients of full salary intensity […]

Scheme of the static model of the intersectoral balance in the system of national accounts

The intersectoral balance is an economic and mathematical model of the reproduction process, which in a detailed form reflects the relationships on the production, distribution and accumulation of the social product in the context of the net branches of the national economy and in the unity of the material and material and value aspects of […]

The essence and main forms of international economic relations

The process of development of the world economy is closely interrelated with the evolution of the development of international economic relations. International economic relations (IER) and the world economy are in a close logical and historical relationship. IEOs are a prerequisite for the formation of the world economy, and in the twentieth century they have […]