Factors of economic growth

Factors of economic growth are those phenomena and processes that determine the scale of the increase in real output, the possibility of improving efficiency and the quality of growth. According to the method of influencing economic growth, direct and indirect factors are distinguished. Straight lines are those that directly determine the physical capacity for economic […]

Economic growth: concept, goals and its measurement

Economic growth is understood as  a process characterized by an increase in the mass of goods and services created in accordance with the volume and structure of emerging social needs. The root causes of the progressive development of the economy lie in the complex and contradictory links between social production and its ultimate purpose – […]

The concept and essence of "foreign economic relations" and "foreign economic activity"

The modern period of development of the world economy is characterized by further expansion and deepening of foreign economic relations. Through foreign economic relations, an international division of labor is carried out, the purpose of which is to save social labor in the process of production and exchange its results between different countries. Foreign economic […]