Double entry principle, errors and omissions

The fundamental method for compiling the balance of payments is the double recording of foreign trade transactions, which is based on the fact that each registered transaction corresponds to a payment in one form or another, and the balance of payments and receipts should converge. The double accounting system used in the preparation of the […]

The essence and main types of reproduction

In order for human society to exist, the process of producing goods and services must  be continuous. The process of production, seen as a continuous, renewable, repetitive process, is reproduction. Reproduction can be: individual – when considered within the framework of the household or entrepreneurial firm; public – taken on the scale of the entire […]

Man in the system of social production

The main goal and factor of production, its development and improvement is a person. As a participant in the production, he performs in three persons. On the one hand, man is a producer directly involved in the creation of goods and services. On the other hand, he is a consumer using everything that is obtained […]

Local Governance and Self-Government: Status and Conceptual Provisions for Their Improvement

Local management is carried out by various bodies that differ from each other in the order of formation, competence, level of autonomy in solving local problems, the nature of relations with the central government.In this regard, in the system of local authorities it is necessary to distinguish between two types of bodies – appointed from […]

Analysis of internal resources (analysis of resources and internal capabilities of the company)

Analysis of the general position of the company allows us to determine the compliance of its strategy with the external and internal environment, i.e. external market conditions and internal resources and competitive opportunities. In the process of analysis, the position of the company is studied according to five parameters [15 pp.133–162]: Effectiveness of the company’s […]