Market and market economy

The concepts of “market” and “market economy” are not identical. As already mentioned, the market in one form or another has existed since then, since which commodity production operates. However, commodity production and the market do not always and necessarily lead to a market economy, although the latter implies a high level of market development. […]

Potential of the real sector of the economy in the region

The real sector of the economy of a country or region includes such elements as industry, agro-industrial complex (AIC) and construction. Objects of management of these industries, as a rule, have not only territorial, but also national significance, since many of them are in republican ownership. However, located on the territory of the regions, these […]

Labor resources and labor potential of the regions

An important component of the social and economic potentials of the region is its labor potential, which is the total labor force and the aggregate social ability of the population to work. As an economic category, labor potential reflects production relations regarding the reproduction of psychophysiological, qualification, spiritual and social qualities of the able-bodied population. […]

Planning and forecasting of scientific and innovative activities

The basis for making state decisions in the scientific and technical sphere is planning and forecasting. Forecasting the development of science and technology in the republic is carried out through a system of private forecasts (on the most important problems of socio-economic, scientific-technical and structural-investment policy) and through a comprehensive forecast of scientific and technological […]

Planning and forecasting of economic development and economic growth

The basis of state regulation of economic development and economic growth rates in the Republic of Belarus are the forms and methods of their advanced display: forecasts, long-term concepts, master schemes, development projects, etc. At the same time, state regulation of economic development and economic growth is carried out within the framework of the general […]