Theory of means

The average value is a generalizing characteristic of a set of similar social phenomena according to one quantitative feature in certain conditions of place and time. When calculating the average generalizing indicators, the typical dimensions of the level of a particular feature common to this system are revealed and thereby the typical features and properties […]

Theory of statistical indicators

In order to measure the size and ratios of phenomena (i.e., to give them an appropriate quantitative characteristic), it is necessary to develop economic and social indicators corresponding to each concept. There are three types of indicators of economic and social development of society: planned; reporting; Evaluation. Planned indicators are certain specific tasks for the […]

Currency account: concept, mode

Currency funds of enterprises and entrepreneurs are stored in a foreign exchange account with authorized banks of the Republic of Belarus. At the same time, enterprises, entrepreneurs, as well as individuals independently choose a bank for currency settlement and cash services. A foreign exchange account is a bank account in foreign currency, opened in accordance […]