Origins and essence of a socially-oriented market economy

Questions “Where are we going?” “What are we moving to?” are no longer perceived as painfully as before, since the main answer is known: “to a socially-oriented market economy.” However, in the wake of this answer, new questions arise: Where are the origins of the new economy? Who, where and when put forward such ideas? […]

Dual linear programming problem

The dual linear programming problem can be formulated as follows: Find variables yi (i=1,2,… (m) at which the objective function would be minimal , without violating the restrictions This problem is called dual (symmetric) in relation to the direct problem formulated in the second paragraph of this chapter. However, the converse is also correct, because […]

Geometric interpretation of optimization problems of linear programming

Suppose it is necessary to find the  optimal plan for the production of two types of products (x1 and x2), i.e. such a plan in which the target function (total profit) would be maximum, and the available resources would be used in the best way. The task conditions are shown in the table: Type of […]