Offer functions and their properties

The supply function S(p) describes the relationship between the market price of a good and its supply in an isolated market for that good. In general, it should be assumed that the product in question is produced at a sufficiently large number of competing enterprises. In such a situation, it is natural to assume that […]

Features of monetary policy in the Republic of Belarus

The main goal of the monetary policy of the Republic of Belarus is to promote the development of all sectors of the economy, to ensure the internal and external stability of the national currency. The programme for the socio-economic development of the Republic of Belarus for 2001-2005 provides for enhancing the role of the banking […]

Foreign trade of the Republic of Belarus

One of the main forms of foreign economic activity is foreign trade. Foreign trade is trade between countries, consisting of export (export) and import (import) of goods, services, results of intellectual activity. Foreign trade is a specific sector of the economy associated with the sale of part of the gross product (goods, services, ideas) in […]