Essence and functions of property

At any historical stage of the development of society, in any economic system, questions invariably arise: who is the master in the economy? Who owns the means of production and the goods created? Who has the economic power? The answers to these and similar questions should be sought in one property or another. Property has […]

Indicators of income use and accumulation

After the redistribution of income, the process of their use is carried out, which is characterized by indicators of expenditure on final consumption, actual final consumption of goods and services, gross and net savings, gross accumulation and consumption of fixed capital, changes in stocks of values, land and other capital transfers, changes in net worth […]

Price changes and compensation

The problem of compensation by increasing consumer income arises in all cases where there is an increase in the prices of one or more of the goods consumed. Different approaches to solving this problem are possible. The most direct of them uses the concept of the demand function in a fairly general form and relies […]

Countries of Resettlement Capitalism

These include Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Israel. The main distinguishing feature of this subgroup is that they did not actually know feudalism: capitalist relations were brought here by immigrants from Europe. At the same time, unlike the United States, which at one time was a country of resettlement capitalism, its history of development […]

Formation of a strategic vision for the future of the company

An idea of the long-term development of the company, selected technologies, products, customers, business development directions is the strategic vision of the company. If the strategic vision determines the future image of the company, then the mission describes the activities of the company at the present time: what goods and services it produces, who its […]