Economic interest as a factor of economic behavior

In the process of conscious activity, a person masters, i.e. makes “his own”, the world around him, forming connections and relationships with the objects of this world. What, in this case, motivates the person himself, makes him be active? First of all, it is the need to satisfy material and spiritual needs with the help […]


Canada is located in North America. It occupies the northern part of the continent and adjacent islands, including the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Newfoundland, Vancouver, etc. The area of Canada is 9.971 million square kilometers. km. This is the second largest state (after Russia) and the third largest land (after Russia and China) state in the […]


Since the second half of the twentieth century, the country’s foreign economic relations  have significantly expanded. The volume of exports exceeded 20% of GDP. In 2000, the value of commodity exports amounted to 237.8 billion dollars. (3.7% of world exports), according to this indicator, Italy ranked eighth in the world, the value of commodity imports […]

Reasons for changes in the structure of competition and the external environment

Each industry has its own development trends and its own characteristics. Industry conditions and competition change under the influence of various forces and factors. The main drivers of competition are: changes in the long-term trends of economic growth of the industry; changes in the composition of consumers, the introduction of new products; entering or leaving […]