The concept of "global financial market"

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the scale of the global financial market. If earlier the world financial market was traditionally considered to be part of the structure of the world loan capital market, now the border between them is becoming less clear and strict, since trade in financial and derivative […]

Currency restrictions as an element of the currency system

Currency restrictions are legislative or administrative prohibition, limitation and regulation of operations of residents and non-residents with currency and other currency values. The objectives of currency restrictions are: balance of payments alignment; maintaining the exchange rate; concentration of currency values in the state. The main principles of currency restrictions are: centralization of foreign exchange operations […]

Legislative bases of currency regulation in the Republic of Belarus

International settlement and monetary relations of the Republic of Belarus with countries of far and near abroad, as well as the procedure and areas of application of foreign currencies by domestic organizations, enterprises and citizens, are regulated by a number of legislative acts and instructional materials. The legislative acts and departmental instructions on currency issues […]