Revenue cycling in the SNA

The results of the functioning of the modern market system are focused on the formation of incomes and are largely  determined by them. Therefore, the SNA should reflect the processes of income circulation. The movement of income ensures the functioning of the economy. Expenses associate production with a change in assets and liabilities – accumulated […]

Local budgets and inter-budgetary relations as a factor of regional development

The economic basis of local government and self-government is made up of local budgets (regional, district, city, settlement budgets and budgets of village councils). In total, there are more than 1660 local budgets in the Republic of Belarus. The totality of the budgets of the corresponding administrative-territorial unit is the consolidated budget of the region […]


The formation and formation of the modern model of economic development of Canada was preceded by a number of historical, political and socio-economic events in the life of the state, which, in turn, predetermined the development strategy of a highly developed state. The period 1980-1985 can be called  The Canadian “Reaganomics”, characterized as the promotion […]