Theory of statistical observation

Statistical observation is the initial stage of statistical research and largely determines the success of the entire work. On how complete and high-quality the collected data will be, largely depend on the conclusions to which the researcher will come. Statistical observation should be organized as systematic, mass and systematic. The systematic nature of statistical observation […]

National income (in the narrow sense of the word)

Mention should be made of the narrow notion of national income used by U.S. economists. In a narrower sense, national income is calculated as  NNP minus all indirect taxes (excise taxes, taxes on cigarettes, gasoline and all other sales taxes). However, it should be borne in mind that all personal direct taxes, as well as […]

Forms and systems of remuneration

In the modern understanding, the form and system of remuneration can be defined as organizational and economic mechanisms for correlating the costs and results of labor of an employee with the amount of wages due to him. Forms of remuneration are ways of determining the dependence of the amount of wages of employees on the […]


The United States of America is the world’s leading power, the main stabilizer and locomotive of the world economy. The main feature of the American economy is that it leads in the implementation of the results of scientific and technological progress in production, in the export of licenses for its discoveries, inventions, which creates the […]