Sources of information on the balance of payments are: Customs statistics – transactions with goods registered by the customs authorities. The customs authorities record in their reports the value of consignments of goods exported and imported into the country, as they are declared by suppliers. The main errors may arise in connection with the overestimation […]

Determination of the balance of payments

Balance of payments is a statistical report that systematically provides summary data on the foreign economic transactions of a given country with other countries of the world for a certain period of time. At the highest possible level of generalization, the balance of payments consists of: flows of real resources – exports and imports of […]

Legislative bases of currency regulation in the Republic of Belarus

International settlement and monetary relations of the Republic of Belarus with countries of far and near abroad, as well as the procedure and areas of application of foreign currencies by domestic organizations, enterprises and citizens, are regulated by a number of legislative acts and instructional materials. The legislative acts and departmental instructions on currency issues […]