Economic thinking and economic behavior: features of the relationship

The problem of explaining the prerequisites for the economic behavior of people is that their actions act only as translators of their thoughts, and in order to correctly understand this “translation”, it is necessary to master both the “language” of actions and the “language” of thoughts. To do this, you need to find out: are […]

Economic behavior of the individual: types and methods of realization

When we talk about other people, we say: “she is very cautious in her behavior” or “he has been behaving unreasonably risky lately,” or “if she continues to behave as persistently, she will undoubtedly succeed.” What are the basis for such estimates? After all, we are often unaware of what really drives a person in […]


The largest 2nd group, which includes the vast majority of countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania. Overall, these countries account for 61% of the world’s territory and about 75% of the world’s population,  but only 15.5% of manufacturing output. Young countries produce 15-16 times less industrial output per capita than developed countries. In […]

Dynamics of the commodity structure of international trade in goods

The world commodity market is divided into three main groups: the market for basic goods (agricultural products and extractive industries); market of medium and low-tech, mainly labor-intensive finished products and intermediate products; market of high-tech products. The first group (basic goods), whose share is constantly decreasing, is the market for the products of developing countries […]

The concept of the exchange rate

The development of the MEO requires a value ratio of currencies of different countries. Therefore, the study of the exchange rate is of great importance. The need for the exchange rate is explained by: mutual exchange of currencies in the trade in goods, services, in the movement of capital and loans. The exporter exchanges the […]