In accordance with the principles of building the balance of payments

In accordance with the principles of building the balance of payments, it is always balanced, which reflects the standard presentation of the balance of payments. The concept of a positive or negative balance applies only to its individual parts. It should be noted that the balance of payments alone cannot have an unambiguous interpretation in […]

Economic behavior of the individual: types and methods of realization

When we talk about other people, we say: “she is very cautious in her behavior” or “he has been behaving unreasonably risky lately,” or “if she continues to behave as persistently, she will undoubtedly succeed.” What are the basis for such estimates? After all, we are often unaware of what really drives a person in […]

Regional studies in the works of foreign and domestic economists

Despite the fact that the economy and management of the region is a relatively young science, regional studies have a fairly long tradition, attracting close attention of the scientific community both abroad and in Belarus. Some researchers are inclined to believe that modern regional economics as an independent scientific discipline even has its own classics, […]