Features of economic observations and measurements

For a long time, the main obstacle to the practical application of mathematical modeling in the economy is the filling of the developed models with concrete and qualitative information. The accuracy and completeness of primary information, the real possibilities of its collection and processing largely determine the choice of types of application models. On the […]


In the country history guides it is indicated that at the end of the twentieth century. in the modern world  there were 237 countries. Of these, 192 were UN members in 2002. Countries are extremely diverse in area, population, national and ethnic composition, in the level and characteristics of economic development, in their place and […]

Methodological and methodical features of macroeconomic analysis

Aggregation. First of all, it should be borne in mind that aggregated parameters are used in macroeconomics. The macroeconomic view of the national economy distinguishes in it three or four economic entities: the household sector, the business sector, the public sector and abroad. Each of these sectors is a collection of real economic entities. In […]

Macroeconomics as a branch of economic science

Economic theory became a science after the classics substantiated that the main source of a nation’s wealth is not the amount of natural resources available to it, but an effective form of organization of the social economy. Since then, the subject of economic research has been the relationship between people regarding the production, distribution, exchange […]