Concept, types of production costs and production costs

A necessary condition for ensuring the production and economic activities of the enterprise is the use of economic resources, including fixed and working capital, industrial and production personnel. The costs of acquiring resources, expressed in monetary form, are called production costs. A distinction is made between one-time and ongoing costs. One-time costs in the enterprise […]

Competition in an emerging industry

Emerging industries, i.e. those in the nascent stages, include the industry of wireless Internet access devices, the production of high-resolution televisions, distance education, and electronic banking services. Most companies in emerging industries are just getting started: they are improving technology, recruiting and training staff, acquiring or building production facilities, expanding the scope of activities, establishing […]

The content of the international settlement system

The need for international settlements is caused by the presence of financial obligations of various nature arising in the process of implementing numerous forms of foreign economic relations, as well as foreign trade transactions between foreign partners. The conduct of financial transactions and the procedure for their execution is largely determined and depends on international […]