Enterprise Lifecycle

The laws of dialectics indicate that everything that arises and arises in the future develops, transforms and dies. This also applies to such a category as an enterprise. An enterprise established for an indefinite period can function indefinitely. This period (life cycle) can be divided into certain stages: creation, development, reorganization, restructuring, bankruptcy, reorganization, and […]

Strategic problems of the company

The purpose of this phase of the analysis is to identify strategic issues that may prevent the company from achieving success. The solution of this problem involves the generalization of the results of the analysis of the company’s position and the analysis of the industry and the competitive environment. All serious problems of the company […]

Competitive stability of the company's position in comparison with the main rivals

Value chain analysis, strategic cost analysis and other types of determining the competitiveness of the company by costs are necessary measures, but they are not enough. For a more accurate assessment of the competitive capabilities and position of the company, a number of additional factors should be studied, namely: the prospects for strengthening (weakening) the […]