The concept of production and production functions

Production is understood as any activity for the use of natural, material, technical and intellectual resources to obtain both material and intangible benefits. With the development of human society, the nature of production changes. In the early stages of human development, natural, natural, “naturally arising” elements of the productive forces dominated. And man himself at […]

Potential of the real sector of the economy in the region

The real sector of the economy of a country or region includes such elements as industry, agro-industrial complex (AIC) and construction. Objects of management of these industries, as a rule, have not only territorial, but also national significance, since many of them are in republican ownership. However, located on the territory of the regions, these […]

Principles and methods of zoning and administrative-territorial division of the country

Successful management of any large territory is impossible without its zoning, or administrative-territorial division, i.e. dismemberment of this territory into its component parts. The problems of zoning are especially relevant for states that have a vast territory, diverse natural conditions, and a large potential of productive forces. Among these states, first of all, include Russia, […]