For many countries, the current account is limited to the items discussed above relating to exports and imports of goods and services. However, in addition to goods and services, the current account of the balance of payments should also take into account the movement of income and current transfers. Income – a group of items […]

The first stage in the development of sociology

The first stage (early 20s – mid-30s) was characterized by theoretical research on the means of scientific substantiation of social phenomena in the new economic conditions; The leadership of post-revolutionary Russia suffered a very heavy economic defeat on the economic front and consciously raised the question of a new economic policy, “On the economic front, […]


Since the second half of the twentieth century, the country’s foreign economic relations  have significantly expanded. The volume of exports exceeded 20% of GDP. In 2000, the value of commodity exports amounted to 237.8 billion dollars. (3.7% of world exports), according to this indicator, Italy ranked eighth in the world, the value of commodity imports […]