In accordance with the principles of building the balance of payments

In accordance with the principles of building the balance of payments, it is always balanced, which reflects the standard presentation of the balance of payments. The concept of a positive or negative balance applies only to its individual parts. It should be noted that the balance of payments alone cannot have an unambiguous interpretation in […]

The need to regulate international economic relations at the interstate level

Multilateral regulation of world trade at the interstate level has an increasingly noticeable impact on the conditions for the implementation of trade, economic, production and technical ties between countries, on their volume and structure. Multilateral regulation is an integral part of the world trade machinery. It acts as a means of facilitating the exchange of […]

Dispute Resolution or Arbitration

This section of the contract establishes the procedure for resolving disputes that may arise between the parties and cannot be resolved through negotiations. Most contracts provide for the settlement of the dispute by arbitration or so-called arbitration. Under arbitrationA (arbitral) court is a court elected by the parties to resolve a dispute between them. Unlike […]

Sources of legal regulation of the contract purchase and sale

Foreign trade contracts have certain specifics. The main sources of legal regulation include international treaties (conventions, agreements), national legislation, trade customs. As for the international sources of legal regulation of sales relations, among them an important place belongs to the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of 1980 (Vienna Convention), which has already […]

The theory of floating exchange rates

Representatives of this theory are mainly economists of the neoclassical (monetarist) direction, who preferred freely fluctuating exchange rates. Among them are M. Friedman (head of the Chicago School), F.Mahlup (University of Prestones), A. Lindbek (Stockholm University), G. Johnson (Chikag and London Universities), L. Erhard, G. Girsch, E. Durr (Freiburg School in Germany) and others. The […]