The need and problems of territorial decentralization of management of the foreign economic sphere

The world economy at the present stage of development is characterized by a wide variety of forms of international cooperation, which is accompanied by the emergence of new subjects of these relations. Among the latter, regions are becoming increasingly noticeable as independent participants in world economic relations. Obviously, this phenomenon requires deep scientific understanding, since […]

Strategy and ways to attract foreign investment to the regions

Modern foreign experience shows that in any sufficiently developed state there is a strict system of protection of its national markets from excessive penetration of foreign capital, and the attraction of financial and other resources from abroad is always based on a carefully developed state concept of attracting foreign investment. To develop a regional policy […]


The economic system of modern Germany is a social market economy, which began to be created in the country immediately after the end of the Second World War. There were certain prerequisites for this, back in the thirties in Germany, the Freiburg School was created, headed by Walter Eucken and Franz Böhme. They came to […]

Summary of basic terms of delivery according to INCOTERMS-2000

The following are the basic terms of delivery, as interpreted by INCOTERMS-2000. 1. Franko Zavod (… place name). EXW – Ex Works (… named place). This term means that the seller has fulfilled his obligations to deliver the goods when he made them available to the buyer at his place or in another named place […]