Economic interest as a factor of economic behavior

In the process of conscious activity, a person masters, i.e. makes “his own”, the world around him, forming connections and relationships with the objects of this world. What, in this case, motivates the person himself, makes him be active? First of all, it is the need to satisfy material and spiritual needs with the help […]

The concept, goals, forms and methods of monetary policy

There is market and government regulation of the exchange rate. Market regulation based on competition and the laws of value, as well as supply and demand, is carried out spontaneously. State regulation is aimed at overcoming the negative consequences of market regulation of foreign exchange relations and achieving sustainable economic growth, balance of payments, reducing […]

Objects and subjects and currency regulation in the Republic of Belarus

Currency exchange objects in the Republic of Belarus are currency values and foreign exchange transactions. Currency values are: foreign currency; payment documents in foreign currency, which are such in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus; securities in foreign currency; Belarusian rubles when making transactions between residents and non-residents, transactions between non-residents on […]