Analytic and Standard View

Currently, Belarus is compiling an analytical and standard presentation of the balance of payments. The difference between them is that the balance of payments is derived in the analytical presentation, showing the dependence of the country’s economy on the outside world. The balance can be positive, which indicates that the country is a creditor of […]

Income accounts

Income accounts are central to the SNA, they link the result of the production of products and services with the formation of income and capital formation, with the change in financial assets and liabilities, with the accumulation of national wealth.


France’s trade balance is active, exports exceed imports, but the growth rate of imports exceeds the growth rate of exports. The share of exports in GDP in 2000 was 23.5%. France is the world’s fourth largest exporter and importer of goods. Commodity exports in 2000 amounted to $307 billion. – 5.7  world exports; commodity imports […]

Directions of globalization

In modern conditions, the following main directions are distinguished, in which the process of globalization is developing most intensively: the formation of global monopolies (oligopolies); globalization of the financial sector; regionalization of the economy. The process of the emergence of global monopolies is developing simultaneously in two directions: first, through the formation of a global […]