Methods of regulating the balance of payments

State regulation of the balance of payments is a combination of economic, including currency, financial, monetary, state measures aimed at the formation of the main items of the balance of payments, as well as covering the existing balance. In general, the fundamental deviation of the balance of payments from equilibrium for a long time cannot […]

Macroeconomic linkages in the balance of payments

Current account. In an open economy, manufactured products or GDP (Y) are sold domestically and partially exported. The amount of expenses is divided into consumption (C), investment (I) and government spending (G).Since part of the product is exported, its value must also be taken into account and added upon accrual. On the other hand, the […]

Analytic and Standard View

Currently, Belarus is compiling an analytical and standard presentation of the balance of payments. The difference between them is that the balance of payments is derived in the analytical presentation, showing the dependence of the country’s economy on the outside world. The balance can be positive, which indicates that the country is a creditor of […]

Structure of the balance of payments of Belarus

As you know, the balance of payments is a statistical report, where data on the country’s foreign economic operations for a certain period of time are presented in a systematic form. In Belarus, such operations that are performed between residents and non-residents include operations with goods, services, income, as well as financial requirements and obligations […]

Sources of statistics of the balance of payments of the Republic of Belarus

According to the instructions of the Government of the Republic of Belarus, the reporting balance of payments is compiled by the National Bank on the basis of data on the trade balance and other foreign trade flows (services, humanitarian aid, direct investment in commodity form, etc.) formed by the Ministry of Statistics together with the […]